What My Real Estate Clients Say

The real joy of my work comes as I accompany my clients during what is a significant life transition and become, for a few weeks or months, part of their life story.

Each client and each transaction is unique, with goals, opportunities and challenges that make no two days of my week alike. Sometimes the bidding for a house is highly competitive and my clients win – or not! House Inspections can reveal infrastructure issues that lead to walking away – and disappointment all the way around. Or the need for a repair that requires both high quality and quick turnaround. Other transactions are smooth from start to finish – and even lead to moving the settlement date up.

No matter the circumstance, my goal is to provide the information, contractors, ideas and human and other resources that support my clients in making their transaction “less stressful and more successful.”

Cathi Coridan is a real estate superstar!  When we were ready to sell our rental townhouse, we asked for recommendations as we had moved out of the area.  We heard about Cathi’s rave reviews and after talking to her, we instantly knew we had our agent.  She gave us great advice as to where to set the price, what her sales strategy would be, and all that she would do to help us get the house ready.  We got a great offer right away!  But Cathi’s real value came after the contract was signed and we had some issues with the house that could have soured the deal.  She suggested reliable and affordable contractors and worked closely with them to make sure they got things done on time  so that we could close quickly.  She went out of her way to make sure every detail was addressed…something we would never have been able to do from across the country. We are forever grateful to Cathi…and give her our highest recommendation!  Chuck and Agnes Lutes

Cathi is a true professional, and best Realtor we have ever dealt with.  Not only is she expert in the real estate industry, her energy and motivation is boundless. Cathi met with us to discuss the sale of our home, and within an half hour she sized up the property, presented an accurate estimate for the market value of the home, and gave us a marketing plan.  She worked with us every step of the way to navigate the bureaucratic minutia of inspections, HOA, Mortgage bankers, government fees, etc. She provided valuable guidance for making the property attractive and appealing. Her efforts made our life easy.  The best part is, that Cathi sold the house BEFORE it hit the market, for MORE than the asking price!  Cathi was a God send. We highly recommend her. without reservation. Richard and Cindy White, formerly of Lake Ridge, VA and now in Columbus, GA

“Cathi navigated the incredible journey of selling my old house and buying my new home. I was thrilled with her knowledge, skills and the personal caring that she displayed during the entire process. She has a wide array of additional service providers at her fingertips if you need help with getting your home ready for the market, need assistance in downsizing or moving professionals. I used movers that she suggested and I was completely satisfied with their moving and storage assistance.  Cathi is “ one stop shopping” for all of your moving needs. I highly recommend Cathi to anyone who is getting ready to undertake this huge adventure.” Cathy Wood – Alexandria, VA

Before we talked to Cathi, we had lowered our housing expectations substantially because of the expense of buying in Arlington. We were resigned to buying a ho-hum place just to get our foot in the real estate door. Then we found a home within our budget with renovations that gave us all the features we needed. But its value would not be lost on others, so we had to act quickly and strategically.

We called Cathi. She walked us through the offer process, designing our package to make it the most attractive, even though it turned out not to be the highest bid. We were ecstatic when Cathi told us we had won the house–just 5 days after engaging her. 

Cathi continued to walk with us through closing, referring us to a mover and a handyman, and representing us effectively at key moments in the process. Her quick action and steady presence helped to see us through a few stressful moments (including unexpected charges that appeared the day before closing, which Cathi had removed with a single phone call).

For attention to detail, responsiveness to clients, and consistent follow-through, we were very pleased with Cathi Coridan. We recommend Cathi with great enthusiasm and without reservation.   The Gardners – Arlington, VA

I arrived from New England to find a home in vicinity of Washington, D.C.  I was unfamiliar with the area and needed a talented agent to help me navigate the wide diversity of options available.  Fortunately a friend recommended Cathi Coridan.  In a short period of time she supported me in zeroing in on my priorities. She was very expert at listening to my preferences and finding properties to show that matched my interests vs. some other agents I experienced who showed homes they preferred or wanted to sell, or thought I should want. In no time, I purchased a property that is no doubt perfect for me! None of my family or friends could believe that I found my ideal home so quickly. All thanks to Cathi!

In addition, I found Cathi to be a consummate professional with a deep knowledge of real estate practice, a healthy respect for deadlines, and an established relationship with those active in the home sales market. She was acquainted with all the necessary professionals and on top of every aspect of the transaction.  It was a genuine pleasure to work with a focused, talented and upbeat agent. Sheila McEntee – Arlington, VA

Cathi is THE DEFINITION of a proactive, client-focused agent.  Cathi knows the local market extremely well and works closely with you to specifically tailor your buy or sell strategy.  As buyers, we were cautiously optimistic about finding our forever home in the hot north Arlington market; but, incredibly, Cathi helped us purchase a house in our desired location and right in the middle of our budget before it ever hit the market.  We truly would not be in our home today if it weren’t for Cathi – we recommend her wholeheartedly!  -The Kenny’s, Arlington, VA

As first-time homebuyers, Cathi walked us through the process and made it as simple as possible. She was up front and candid about any concerns and never pushy. We are both very busy with work and Cathi always made time to take us out when a house looked promising.

She was present when we needed her and knew when to disappear, so we could speak privately. Through closing, Cathi was as hand-on or off as we wanted her to be. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thanks, Cathi!!  Cory Mayer & Samantha Tricoli, Alexandria, VA

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