Professional Coaching Services

Cathi Coridan’s mission is to help people develop strategies and plans that make their life’s transitions less stressful and more successful where they live and how they make money. As a coach, she works primarily with small business owners & nonprofit professionals to develop strategies and skills to develop, launch, and grow their businesses. As a Realtor® and Senior Real Estate Specialist, she creates a connected relationships and partnerships to help people successfully navigate one of life’s biggest transitions, with a focus on supporting older adults and their families.

Cathi’s Coaching Services

Cathi Coridan is a Certified Professional Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. Her focus is on helping individuals, teams and groups navigate life’s transitions with less stress and more success. She brings more than 50 years of experience in human services, counseling, and small business and nonprofit leadership to each session.

Times of Transition are Messy Times

During times of transition – whether it’s changing careers or jobs, kids going off to work or college, buying or selling a house, retiring, starting or growing a business – life can get messier and confusing. Working with a coach, even for only a few sessions, can help you clarify your goals, develop strong strategies and discover new options. During times of crisis, such as a family member’s illness, a parent’s declining health or unemployment, the support of short-term coaching can help reduce stress and improve self- and other-care.

Cathi’s specialty areas include working with small business owners (and aspirants) and seniors who are deciding on second career options – especially real estate agents – to develop goals, systems and models that ensure success. Cathi also works with seniors and their adult children/families who are trying to make difficult decisions about seniors’ housing, health and safety issues to help them plan well and avoid painful and costly mistakes.

Coaching Options

Cathi offers a complimentary 20-minute Sample Coaching Session to introduce her coaching model. These sessions allow a potential client time to share his or her agenda, explore various coaching options and see whether it’s a good fit for us to work together.

Sessions are held by phone or Zoom, depending on the client’s preference.  Payment is expected prior to the time of service through PayPal.  For packages and group sessions, multiple payment plans are available.

Cathi offers individual coaching at a per-hour rate or in packages of 3 or 6 sessions. Ongoing coaching is available on a monthly retainer basis. Group coaching sessions will be offered (8 sessions over 10 weeks) beginning in October 2021.

Contact Cathi to learn more about her rates and scheduling. Discounted rates are available to seniors and students.

Cathi Coridan, MA

CTA Certified Coach

cell – 860-759-9274

Email Cathi today to schedule

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