Could You Be a Senior-Preneur REALTOR®?

As a REALTOR® who started my successful solo practice at age 65, I want others in my age cohort to fully appreciate the opportunities that real estate provides for meaningful work, grounded in service and care, that is very financially rewarding.

Senior-Preneurs are professionals over age 60 who want to turn hobbies, life dreams and career-honed skills into profitable businesses. Senior-Preneurs can’t or won’t quit working, and have the itch, drive and determination to define their next chapter’s success on their own terms.

Individuals over age 60 remain in or return to the workforce for many reasons: to make extra income to supplement or increase retirement savings, for travel, to have money to make home improvements or spoil the grandkids. For others, the goal is to offset boredom and continue to contribute to the community. Often, the reason is more basic: we really need the income to pay the bills and/or pay down debt.  Now COVID-19 has placed even more economic stresses on older adults.

Why Real Estate?

For many Senior-Preneurs, real estate provides a great second (or third) career option, offering flexibility, fun and excellent earning potential. 

Do You Say YES to Any of These Questions?

  • Are you over age 60 and considering going into real estate as a second (or third) career? 
  • Have you made the decision on real estate or just completed the required course and not sure where or how to start building your business?
  • Are the training programs in your brokerage not addressing your goals, needs and concerns?
  • In your first year or two of your real estate business and still struggling to get the traction and action needed to achieve the level of production and/or income you hoped for?

Success in real estate is simple, but not easy. Most new agents’ training programs and coaching services focus on agents much younger, who hope to be in the business for many years, who are adept with using technology to generate business and who may not have yet established a strong work ethic. “More mature” new agents can benefit from “silver adaptations” to core systems, models and strategies to use their strengths to build successful real estate practices.

Coaching and business support services that focus on the unique needs, goals and challenges of Senior Preneurs can help new agents be more efficient and effective as they launch, build and grow their real estate practice.

Don’t You Want More Sold Signs In Your Life?

Invest in your success!  

Working with Cathi Coridan, a certified professional coach and licensed REALTOR® will help you to overcome challenges and develop systems, models and strategies that create success.  Cathi spent over 40 years in the human services sector, so coaching agents who begin their careers during their golden years is a natural way for her to support her peer colleagues’ success.

Start Today! Join the Senior Preneur REALTOR Facebook Page. Building community with peers is critical to success. Our FaceBook Group is where Senior Preneur REALTORS can:

1) share your story

2) find community

3) ask for ideas, inspiration or support

4) celebrate business milestones

5) learn from each other

Coaches ask questions that help people think differently.

COACHING SERVICES: Coaching is about supporting others, identifying barriers, exploring possibilities, creating action and providing accountability as they work towards the change they see for themselves.

If you are interested in receiving one-to-one coaching with Cathi, sessions are held by phone or Zoom, depending on the client’s preference. Package pricing and senior discounts are available.

With Cathi as Your Transition Partner, you can meet your goals and achieve your dreams with less stress and more success. 

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